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Keep Your Loved One’s Save.

AlertQ is designed to provide instant emergency information using a QR code that can easily be accessed by any smartphone or tablet. All it takes is a free download of a QR reader App and a scan of the AlertQ tag by first responders to get valuable emergency information. We recommend the ‘I-nigma’ or ‘QR Reader’ Apps as both have been tested in different environments by QCS International, the creators of the AlertQ tag. Our goal is to save a life or at minimum, to reunite loved ones as soon as possible.

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Why Use AlertQ?


For Pets

‘Lost Buddy’ is the PET equivalent of AlertQ. Sadly, one in every three pets get lost at least once in their life time and only 10% are reunited with their owners nationally. These sad statistics can be reversed through the larger Lost Buddy QR tag or smaller charm.


For Humans

This application has now been extended to civilians as well – Anyone who might be alone and facing possible incapacitation or inability to communicate with first responders, can wear the AlertQ tag with confidence. This applies to Alzheimer’s patients as much as cyclists, hikers, travellers or teenage drivers!