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Our mission is to use technology to care for Humans and Pets to ensure proper treatment when in need.

Our vision is a world where Humans and Pets are cared for in the most accurate and expeditious way in a time of an emergency through every-day-use technology.

AlertQ Tags vs Implant chips

  • Multiple applications for humans and pets
  • Legal and accepted everywhere
  • Can be reused on multiple humans and pets
  • Totally non-invasive and visible
  • 3 out of 4 implants are missed during scans
  • QR Readers are readily available Apps at no charge
  • Can be scanned by any smartphone and not just vets with the appropriate scanner
  • Avoid multiple expensive RF readers
  • Data encrypted and cannot be changed without a password
  • Stores a lot more - potentially lifesaving -  information
  • Pet QR Code is fire resistant and waterproof
  • No batteries or movable parts
  • No monthly fees
  • No registration fees
  • Less expensive than most ID formats
  • Customizable tags
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