AlertQ Pet TAG

The sad reality is that 1 out of every 3 pets will go missing in your care. If you have lost a loved animal before, you can relate to the pain that you feel when it goes missing. Most often, a lost pet ends up at either a shelter or someone else takes them in.  It is often difficult to trace the owner as implants require different readers at shelters or vet offices.

With the AlertQ Pet TAG, you can store your contact information that allows someone in public or at a shelter to scan the TAG. This will show them your contact details, but it will also notify you that someone has scanned your pet’s TAG and it will EMAIL you the co-ordinate of where the TAG was scanned.

The AlertQ Pet TAG is also known as “Lost Buddy” which is just another branding option we offer under the Lost Buddy brand in an effort to give you a variety of designs of the pet TAG’s.

med alert

The benefits of our Pet TAG:

  • Find your lost Pet when someone scans the TAG
  • Keep track of Vet visits and vacines
  • Our TAGS are durable and long lasting

What happens when someone scans the AlertQ Pet TAG?

  • Your contact details will be shown to the person that finds your Pet
  • And SMS will be sent to you to notify you that someone has scanned the TAG
  • An Email with the co-ordinates of where the TAG was scanned will be sent to you